Monday, July 16, 2012

2 factor Authentication Service

Last weekend I was making a service for 2 factor authentication. Here is the possible short pitch for that (adapted from bingfund).


For organizations having online services it is hard to protect the service from phishing sites and malwares who can collect password and gain access to their system.

Solution - Describing the solution in 140 characters or less.

Using two factor authentication user uses phone and password the possibility can be largely reduced. Using phone as second authentication factor is cost effective and easy to maintain system. The same system can be used for phone verification

Which category is the best match the service?


Who can use it and how the service can make their lives better, easier or more fun?

Organizations requiring two factor authentication or phone verification but cannot develop in house software for that and maintain the service. For them it is simple to have the service without any development or maintenance cost.

What are the major costs?

  • Phone termination cost,
  • Software maintenance/ development and
  • Cloud server cost.

How to recover the cost?

Organizations requiring the service will pay per authentication or phone verification done.


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